Hello! My name is Alex Lakis, and I make records. Killer Penguin Productions is the name of my record production company, and I work mainly out of my recording studio here in Annapolis.

I have been working with local and national acts for over 15 years now based out of Annapolis, MD and Los Angeles, CA, and have produced over a hundred albums. I know what it takes to make an album you will be proud of, and I'd like to give you the power to make your creative ambitions a reality.

Being a musician myself, I understand what I want as an artist when I work on recording an album, and I try my best to provide that for you at my studio. I like to take my time. I like to get things sounding the way YOU want them to, while providing for you all the benefits of my experience and expertise. No pressure, no B.S..

I do not make "demos." I make albums and EPs. Everything that comes out of my studio is radio-ready, and at a professional sonic level. There are no compromises. You can check out the bands I've worked with online, at your local record store, or listen for them on the radio. Feel free to contact me for a sample CD of my latest productions.

I am experienced in all types of genres. I have produced rock, metal, punk, pop, hip-hop, r&b, country, jazz, classical, gospel, christian, etc. I also network with the best session players in the area, so if you need any additional performers/instruments/production on your album, I can make it happen.

My studio is state-of-the-art, with enough vintage and modern gear/instruments to make anybody drool. It is set in a pleasant residential area, with plenty of good eats and watering holes nearby. There's a jacuzzi, pool table, full bar, large gas grill, wireless internet, TV, video games, comfy couches, etc.

I charge an hourly rate, or, if you prefer, I charge per song as well. Rates change depending on your needs and wants. Call me and we'll set up a meeting to discuss what you want to accomplish. In general, I charge "local" rates for "national" quality (check the "services" tab for my rates!)

You can contact me via email (Alex@KillerPenguinProductions.com) or feel free to call me at 410-533-2861.

Thanks for stopping by!